Students should submit a digital copy of their thesis, dissertation or honors project to be digitally archived in Adams Library Special Collections. Beginning in Spring 2021, these student works are maintained in the DigitalCommons@RIC institutional repository.

Students have the option to make their work accessible to the general public, or to limit access to RIC campus and the RIC community. With their advisor’s approval, students also have the option to place an embargo on their work to prevent all online access for a certain period of time.

To submit, please use the Student Scholarship Submission Form. This form requires you to enter basic information about your thesis or honors project, and then upload the following documents:

  • Signed Deposit and Access Agreement Form. This is where you select access options and grant Adams Library Special Collections permission to archive the work.
  • PDF or Word Document of your thesis, dissertation or honors project.
  • PDF of your approval page, signed by your project advisor(s), committee members, and Department Chair(s).

Questions? Email or call 401-456-8380.


  • Honors Projects and Master’s Theses – please see these instructions (Word or PDF Version) with Model Title and Approval pages.
  • Doctoral Dissertations - The URI Graduate Manual, Section 11, gives full instructions.