Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I post my work on DigitalCommons@RIC?

Articles that are freely available online are cited more often than those that are not. By posting your work to DigitalCommons@RIC, you can help disseminate your scholarship to a wider audience.

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Does posting my article to DigitalCommons@RIC violate publisher policies?

No. Many publishers allow authors to post the author manuscript version of their articles to online repositories, like DigitalCommons@RIC. Using the SherpaRomeo database, the Digital Initiatives librarians will check the details of the individual publisher policies for your work before posting it online. Only works with policies that allow online posting will be added to DigitalCommons@RIC.

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How will my work be used after it is uploaded to DigitalCommons@RIC? Who can find it?

The contents of DigitalCommons@RIC are subject to a Creative Commons License. Users of DigitalCommons@RIC will be allowed to copy and redistribute the work, as long as they give proper credit to the original work and do not use it for commercial purposes. DigitalCommons@RIC is indexed by Google search engines all over the world, making it accessible to scholars in other countries.

What if I change my mind after I submit my work to be uploaded to DigitalCommons@RIC. Can I remove it?

Yes. If, at any time, you wish your work to be removed from DigitalCommons@RIC, contact Kieran Ayton at

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