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Puritt-Igoe, a purveyor of many a public housing project, has been vastly criticized for its failures and etcetera in providing adequate, well designed and resourced public housing (particularly in its St. Louis project). Public housing in Providence is no different than this problematic history, mostly due to underfunding and a many of the Providence Housing Authority projects being established during times of segregation and coerced rather than intentional Civil Rights bill enactings. P-I has since been turned into Avalon Apartments, no longer a public housing project nor affiliated to the "myth" as another sad reality of public housing in Providence.


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Rental housing -- Rhode Island -- Providence; Housing development -- Rhode Island -- Providence; City planning -- Rhode Island -- Providence; Megastructures -- Rhode Island -- Providence; Housing development -- Rhode Island -- Providence Urban Development

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Center Place, capital city, rental housing, housing development, city planning, public housing