Most Recent Additions


Kontakt: Storytelling with Len Cabral, Part 2
Joao Rosario and Len Cabral


Kontakt: Dr. Anani Dzidzienyo, Part 1 (English)
Joao Rosario and Anani Dzidzienyo


Kontakt: Focus on Cabo Verde Conference at Rhode Island College; Grupo Acoustico
Joao Rosario, Richard Lobban Jr., Deidre Meintel, Vanessa Brito, and Mariana Rodrigues


Kontakt: Cape Verdeans an Analysis, Part 1
Joao Rosario, Virginia Neves Gonsalves, and Richard Lobban Jr.


Kontakt: Our Lady of Fatima Procession (Boston)
Joao Rosario and Mindy da Graca

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