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Donna Adler

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Dalai, Nimai

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Gildea, Emmeline

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Kamson, Adina

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Saatcioglu, Kerem


First grade students at Henry Barnard School read the book Letters from Felix by Annette Langen. Felix is a bunny with a “traveling itch.” As he travels all around the world, he sends letters to his favorite child, Sophie. After creating their own Felix in the classroom, children took them on their own trips during April break. Students assumed the role of their Felix and were in charge of taking pictures and writing a letter back to the class to document their travels. When students returned from break, they shared their photos and letters with their classmates. Felix went on many adventures during April vacation! Children were eager to share and learn all about the places he visited which included, soccer games, the Statue of Liberty, the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, the zoo, Provincetown and karate!

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Dispatches from Kindergarten Felix