Fall 2014

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Department (Manual Entry)

Office of the Director


The 13th issue of the library newsletter (fall, 2014)

Inside this Issue:

Front Page

--Director's Welcome by Tovah Reis

--"The Head Librarian" from "The Song of the Library Staff" by Sam Walter Foss

Programs & Events (p.2)

-- Friends of Adams Library Holiday Sale

--Anita Duneer and Alison Shonkwiler: Walt Whitman: Life and Work

--Library Staff Supports "Choose To Be Nice"

--Yael Avissar: Evolution in Action

Exhibits (p.3)

-- Pictures of Nursing: The Zwerdling Postcard Collection

--Walt Whitman

--History of Fado

Meet Our Staff (p.4)

--Meet Tovah Reis, Interim Library Director by Deb Thomson

--Meet Karyn Roberts, Access Services Student Assistant

--Meet DJ Dixon, Access Services Student Assistant

Technology (p.5)

--AS220 Digitization Project by Kieran Ayton, David Madruga, & Andy Davis

--Nexus 7 Lending Service Launches by Kieran Ayton & Brian Baker

Books & Reading (p.6)

--OBOM and the JPAL by Rachel Carpenter and Judith Stokes

--Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg and Nell Scovell A Review by Judith Stokes

Research Support (p.7):

--Reference and Research Support – Where the Rubber Meets the Road by Tish Brennan

Archives & Special Collections (p.8)

--From the Archives: College Bowl, 1965 by Marlene Lopes