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This study assessed the impacts of discrimination, microaggressions, and socioeconomic status (SES) on sleep in college students. The study also assessed moderators of racial identity and sleep hygiene as potential buffers of the impact from discrimination. Method: The impacts of lifetime discrimination and microaggressions over the past six months on sleep over the past month was assessed using an online survey (Study 1), and daily impacts of microaggressions on sleep was assessed from a daily diary study (Study 2). Results: The results showed modest correlations for the impact of discrimination, microaggressions, and SES on sleep, with the overall patterns suggesting a detrimental impact on sleep for students of color. The moderators of racial identity and sleep hygiene did not indicate significant effects. Conclusion: The impact of discrimination and microaggressions on sleep for students of color is promoting poorer sleep outcomes in comparison to White students. Additionally, higher SES contributed to better sleep outcomes; however, for students of color, higher SES was not shown to buffer the impact of discrimination on sleep outcomes.

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