Texts and Textures Formed by Natural Processes

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Montali, Amy

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The photographs for this thesis are included as supplementary files. These photos, along with those of the graduate thesis exhibition, are contained within the CD-ROM accompanying the print version of the thesis. Also included in the print verison is the proposal for the thesis.


Faculty of Arts and Sciences




Eleven landscape photos and an artist's statement comprise this work, through which the artist documents his search "for life within a single space ravaged by time and reclaimed by nature." (from Artist's Statement) The graduate exhibition of these photographs took place from April 27 through May 1, 2009 in the Bannister Gallery at Rhode Island College.

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Photo 1

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Photo 2

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Photo 3

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Photo 4

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Photo 5

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Photo 6

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Photo 7

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Photo 8

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Photo 9

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Photo 10

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Photo 11