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Spirituality is a concept that is recently getting increased attention. Often misunderstood or confused with other concepts such as religion or culture, it has a broader meaning and transcends culture, religion, and geographic boundaries. The importance of spirituality in patient care remains controversial amongst providers. An integrative review of the literature was conducted to examine the impact of spirituality on health outcomes. Literature was searched over a 20 year period using CINAHL and PUBMED. The framework that guided this project was Martha Rogers’s Theory of Unitary Human Being that focuses on the interaction between individuals and their environment. In the method section, terms often confused with spirituality were described. Ten articles that described the effects of spirituality on health outcomes and that met the inclusion and exclusion criteria were analyzed. The included literature was critiqued using the Polit and Beck appraisal tool and presented in tables, then a cross-analysis of these articles was conducted and described. The literature supported that there are numerous positive outcomes, physical or psychological associated with spirituality. The implications and recommendations for advanced practice were also discussed.

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