Manuscript E

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Typed manuscript with handwritten notes. Pages are numbered 1-37, with an additional unnumbered page between pages 27 and 28.


Timeline of African American history in Rhode Island, from 1652 to 1955, including the introduction of slavery; African American participation in the American Revolution; the abolition of slavery; the establishment and development of African American churches; notable African Americans; and African American firsts in Rhode Island.

CG Manuscript E Supplement 1.pdf (4244 kB)
"Trustees Seek to Sell Property for Charity," newspaper clipping, the Michael Tillinghast Estate, inserted after title page.

CG Manuscript E Supplement 2.pdf (6196 kB)
"Founder of the Benign Society, Mrs. Amy Fenner, 90 Years Old. and Its Only Surviving Member," newspaper clipping, after title page.

CG Manuscript E Supplement 3.pdf (7858 kB)
"A Black Museum for Rhode Island - Yes ? or No ?," artifact contructed of pamphlet and newspaper clippings, inserted after title page.