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Titled "Negroes and Events in Rhode Island 1696-1970," this unfinished manuscript presents a timeline of African American history in Rhode Island from 1696 to 1819. This timeline includes the introduction of slavery; African American participation in the American Revolution; the abolition of slavery; and the establishment of African American churches.

CG Manuscript C Supplement 1.pdf (1294 kB)
Clauson, J. Earl. "Newport Gardener's Life Story Comes Down the Years," Providence Journal , May 20, 1936. Newspaper clipping located between manuscript pages 2a and 3.

CG Manuscript C Supplement 2.pdf (858 kB)
Bibiographic information on, "A History of the Negro Troops in the War of the Rebellion: 1861-1865," by George W. Williams, LL. D.

CG Manuscript C Supplement 3.pdf (1197 kB)
"History Emerges From Razing," newspaper clipping inserted after manuscript page 11.

CG Manuscript C Supplement 4.pdf (2690 kB)
"Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church," pamphlet inserted before page 12.

CG Manuscript C Supplement 5.pdf (8014 kB)
Hand written notes on "George Henry," inserted before page 14.