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Fusco, Jane E.

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Martin, Rob

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McCartney, Pauline

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Rowley, Gordon E.

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Page, Cynthia L.

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Out of the ashes comes hope for RIC students liked to Station fire / Fusco, Jane -- Expanded MFA theatre program features renewed ties ti Trinity Rep / Martin, Rob -- Then and Now -- In memoriam - Frank B. Correia, professor emeritus, decorated WWII Navy commander -- It's a 'smash hit' - the Cafe opens art RIC in January -- Author/ educator Peter Elbow's 'low stakes' game of writing / Martin, Rob -- The Marry Tucker Thorp College Professorship -- Foundation and Alumni News / O'Neill, Ellie -- RIC on the road -- and away she she goes! -- New Alumni Directory Available -- Sesquicentennial Memories The General Asembly votes to re-establish the Rhode Island Normal School -- (Not Just) academically speaking-RIC student body reflects the faces of Rhode Island / Johnson, Deborah -- Five-year State Improvement Grant receives funding for second year -- Unusual delicacies on the menu at the Phylum Party, set for March 25 -- Decision: 2004:RIC students get 'up close and personal' with presidential candidates in New Hampshire / Cranshaw, David -- Media Appreciation Night -- Black History Month at Rhode Island College --Unity center seeks to enhance RIC's multicultural experience -- Unity Center Mission Statement -- Aaron Bruce - Director of the Unity Center -- Phenomenal Females: the women of Rhode Island College-The Normal school's first woman of color / Lopes, Marlene -- RIC undergrads and nurse leader join nursing honor society -- Dr.Rose Butler Browne Award -- Sports - From the Athletic Director's Desk -- Memories of Mike Creedon, RIC grad and lifetime Hall of Famer -- Deveau pins hopes on dedication, hard work / Christie, Michael -- Arts and Entertainment-Performing Arts Series - Marionettes come to life in Shakespeare production - Classical performer brings 'Romance of the Violin' to RIC -- Keyboard Conversations key in on Mozart -- Chamber Music Series-Two concerts warm up winter segment of Chamber Series -- RIC Dance Company-45 and still dancing-Spring Concert Series showcases six new works / Del Guicide, Dante -- 9th Annual Chester Performance Award Concert features International pianist, RI premiere -- Utility items become objects of sculptor's imagination -- RIC alum gets billing in world premiere play -- The Back Page-The Campaign for Rhode Island College -- Around the campus








Rhode Island College




Rhode Island College; David Cranshaw; The Marry Tucker Thorp College Professorship; Paul V. Sherlock Center for Disabilities; Unity Center; Sister-to-Sister Conference; Sigma Theta Tau; International Honor Society of Nursing; Delta Upsilon Chapter-at-large; Louisa White Recognition Award for Nursing Leadership; Dr. Rose Butler Browne Award;

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