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Spring 3-1978


Pictured across the street on the corner of 1st and 4th Avenues (North) in St. Petersburg is the World War Heroes Memorial in Williams Park. Engrave with the word “loyalty” located at the top, this memorial was erected by the St. Petersburg chapter of American War Mothers to commemorate those who fought in the first World War from 1917-1918. The memorial was built on January 1st 1938 and still stands in the park today. A quote from the memorial reads “God gave us sons: we gave them our country and our country gave them back to God.”

Parks are an important addition to all cities. They are a place for a cities’ historical markers to reside and they offer a brief respite from the urban sprawl around them. Smolski says that urban parks are “the lungs of the city” which provide “breathing space in a harsh concrete & asphalt environment.”


(Accessed on 17 May 2012)

Smolski, Chester, "City Parks are for People: Viewpoint" (1975). Smolski Texts. Paper 10.

(Accessed on 17 May 2012)


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Public sculpture


Parks for People

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Historical Monuments -- Memorials -- World War, 1914-1918;

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United States of America

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Saint Petersburg

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1st Avenue (North)


Williams Park, St. Petersburg, Florida, monuments, World War Heroes Memorial, American War Mothers, city park, parks, historical markers