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Winter 12-1971


Sometimes speculated as the the work of Vikings, built around the year 1000, or the Chinese in 1426-28, the stone mill has fascinated historians for centuries. Another attribution is to the Portuguese explorer Miguel Corte-Real built it and yet others say it is the work of the first Governor of Rhode Island, Benedict Arnold, grandfather of the famous traitor. Current thinking favors the colonial period of Benedict Arnold. Its twenty-four-foot-high walls are made of lime-mortared fieldstone and its interior is open to the sky. Arches separate the legs and small, square openings are scattered in the wall above. The style of the construction parallels with English windmills in Chesterton, the birthplace of Arnold


Bibliography: Yarnall, James L. "Newport through Its Architecture : A History of Styles from Postmedieval to Postmodern." Newport, R.I.: Salve Regina University Press in association with University Press of New England, Hanover and London, 2005. p.3-4


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