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Poppasquash Point in Bristol, RI is home to the English-inspired, Tudor-revival, country estate Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Farm. The estate is of particular significance to the history of Bristol because the families of Brown, Herreshoff and Rockwell spent time there. The Herreshoff family owned much of the land on Poppasquash Point. John Brown Herreshoff was a Bristol boat builder who began a business partnership with his brother Nathanael Greene Herreshoff in 1878.


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Narragansett Bay (RI); Aerial views -- Poppasquash Point (Bristol, RI); Waterfronts -- Rhode Island; Peninsulas -- Bristol -- Rhode Island; Architecture, Modern -- 18th Century

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Rhode Island

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485 Poppasquash Rd


Bristol, inn, Bristol Harbor, estate, aerial, waterfront, farmland