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This site was the original meeting place of the preexisting Chevrah (congregation), and Congregation The Sons of Zion was a third Orthodox Congregation, chartered in 1875 by a group of Jewish immigrants. There was also a synagogue opened on Canal street nearby in 1882, and upon being "outgrown" Rabbi Rabinovitz in 1888 procured the money and labored four years to create the The Orms Street Synagogue, consecrated in 1893. However, in the 70s, with the construction of the Marriott Hotel, the synagogue was demolished. It is hard to research the why, or what I mean is the how, but redevelopments in this area were made to construct I-95. A suit was issued in 1971 by the congregation against the Providence Redevelopment Agency. A sad loss.


Bibliography: Woodward, W.M. McKenzie. PPS/AlAri Guide to Providence Architecture. Providence Preservation Society, 2003. pp. 289-290. Rhode Island Jewish Historical NOTES. Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association, vol.4, no. 3, 1965, pp. 239-247. Woodward, Wm Mckenzie. "Statewide Historical Preservation Report: Smith Hill." Rhode Island Historical Preservation Commission, 1980, pp. 42.

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Religious Architecture


Urban Redevelopment

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Synagogues -- Rhode Island -- Providence; Cities and towns -- Growth -- Rhode Island -- Providence; Demolition -- Rhode Island -- Providence; Religious buildings -- Rhode Island -- Providence;

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United States

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Rhode Island

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2 Randall St.


Providence, RI, demolition, land use, vacant land use, city planning, community investment