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Lauren McDonough's paper Playing the Way to Equality in the Civil RIghts, Feminism, and LGBTQ Movements was awarded first place in the 2015 Open Books - Open Minds Writing Award.


Music culture is where a group of people share a common involvement, or interest, in music. This culture spans across time and area as music evolves. Whether it be rap or country, classical or punk, people have found their niches in the world of music. People relate to music, and it makes them feel good. Music comes with an emotional attachment in this way. This bond is seen between listeners and performers, as well as the listeners themselves. This common love of music is seen very blatantly, as it’s played on every kind of social media, and is seen in schools across the country. In some cases, music helps with more than just mood and friendships. Music helps people feel included and equal in their societies. When it comes to the fight for equality, music is a fundamental supporter.


First Place