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This open lot in Cranston was known as the Charity Lot because it was common land where residents could have free gardens. The Charity Lot was located in Cranston, Between Cranston Street, Park Ave, and Cranston Print Works. The land was also used as a cow pasture. In an article he wrote from the Cranston Herald in 1952, Wilfred Stone estimates this photo was taken "45 years ago," which we have estimated as the summer of 1907. I In his 1952 article, "Echoes of Cranston: The Old 'Charity Lot,' Stone mentions this photograph was taken from the same perspective as the "Cardi's Furniture store" - which, at that time, was located at 1681 Cranston Street.


Cranston (R.I.)


Rhode Island (R.I.); Cranston (R.I.); Carts & wagons; Farms; Rural areas

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