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The article offers a brief historical examination of Federal Hill from its foundation at the end of the 18th century by Amos Atwell and others, to the mid 1800s when a wave of Irish immigrants settled in the area. Pictures of Federal Hill architecture and insight are also included.

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In the 1780's, most of Federal Hill was still open fields - a place for the cows to graze on, overlooking the great salt cove to the north and the east, and there were marshes to the south, (now, South Providence), and the wild open spaces were to the west.

In 1788, Amos Maine Atwell (named after a ancestory who owned the entire Province of Maine) and several other businessmen formed a syndicate (a type of corporation) to improve and develop the West side of the city of Providence.

The Landmarks of Federal Hill: Amos Atwell, businessman and leader