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The purpose of this research is to investigate relationships between online college courses and in-person courses with regard to student course completion rate and course grade averages. The personality characteristics of Introversion, Conscientiousness and Academic Self-Regulation, and professor student rapport were also examined in relation to performance of the students enrolled in online and in-person classes. This study was based on an integrative theory of self- and social regulation in learning contexts. A two-tailed t-test for independent samples found no significant difference between the end of previous semester cumulative GPAs (CGPAs) of students in the online/hybrid or in-person courses. The results of a Chi square test comparing the withdrawal rate of students in the lecture and online Social Psychology course was statistically significant. Students are much more likely to withdraw from a large online course than from a large lecture course. There was a significant correlation between scores on the Academic Self-Regulation Scale and (CGPA) in the online section of the Social Psychology course. No significant differences were found, however, between the other personality characteristics and GPA.

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