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This research project involved interviewing 42 parents with children between the ages of 12 to 18-years-old regarding their views and opinions on sex education for today’s youth. All 42 parents agreed they wanted a more informative sex education for their children than what they were exposed to as children. This included those with formal sex education as well as those that learned from peers, siblings or in their neighborhood. Another aspect all parents agreed on was the need for a more comprehensive sex education. Thirty-eight parents thought abstinence should be included as an option in sex education classes but not the only method. Four parents did not believe abstinence is realistic in today’s world so it should not be taught in class. While each state holds its own mandates for sex, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) education, parents still have the responsibility to engage in their own child’s sex education. If they live in a state that does not educate in the manner they feel is acceptable, they would have the option of discussing their own beliefs and values with their family.