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It is the intent of this honors project to give a student’s perspective of learning in the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) on Bridge 7 at Rhode Island Hospital. Bridge 7 is a 38-bed unit specializing in general medical surgical patient care services. A student’s perspective is illustrated by journal entries written from each clinical experience over the course of one semester, during the course Adult Health II. In addition to a student’s perspective, it is the intention to compare the learning experience on the DEU, to the traditional model of clinical learning. This project will include current nursing research that focuses on different areas of dedicated education unit learning. Findings from these nursing research articles will be compared and contrasted to a student’s perspective of the same outcomes. Prior to each clinical day, students set personal goals. These personal goals will be addressed, with a focus on how learning on a DEU enhanced goal attainment. Lastly, well-known nursing theorist Pat Benner’s conceptual model of how nurses evolve from novice to expert will be utilized and directly incorporated into the student’s perspective.