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Music, Theatre, and Dance


This paper analyzes the ways in which Hamilton: An American Musical impacted both Broadway and society. When Hamilton premiered on Broadway in 2015, it quickly became a massive phenomenon, one that had a major impact on Broadway itself and on society at large. The show’s use of color-conscious casting and unique hip-hop style drew in audiences that would not otherwise be drawn to Broadway. The Original Cast’s demand for royalties also had a hand in impacting Broadway’s finances and inspiring actors to strike. Additionally, Lin-Manuel Miranda made it a priority to involve the show in education, launching the EduHam program and significantly impacting American education, as well as the show’s political subject matter leading to many political discussions after its release. This study outlines the specific ways that Hamilton affected Broadway and American society. By combining research on the direct impact the play had on Broadway, the creation of the EduHam program, the musical’s impact on social and political arenas, and a survey conducted at Rhode Island College, it argues that no matter one’s personal feelings about the show, there is no denying the reach and impact of Hamilton, even beyond Theatre business and culture.