Stacy Veng

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Mathematics and Computer Science


The Humanizer is a program developed to solve a problem genetic researchers encounter when humanizing genes. To humanize a gene means to make modications to a model organisms gene so it may perform in a way that is more like how it would perform in humans. This is done by making changes to a model organisms gene only when a discrepancy exists between the model organisms gene and the human gene. Today, researchers in this eld spend long hours humanizing genes manually because there is no other way to do it. In addition, the length of genes can range from hundreds to thousands of nucleotide base pairs which can make the process even more dreadful. If done manually, it is inevitable that researchers have to humanize each nucleotide, one by one. Such a process is time consuming, error-prone, and requires the coordination of many tools. Therefore, the purpose of The Humanizer is to change the manual process into an automatic process, cutting the wait time from several days to several minutes. This application performs as any researcher would: determining genes in test organisms by querying through databases, comparing and retrieving related sequences, and humanizing the gene one base at a time, among other things.