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Entrepreneurship has played a key role and gained much attention during the last decade in the US and world economy. That should not come as a surprise since every business started small and most grew out of nothing to become big players in the business market, whether that was five or one hundred years ago. Many billionaires and millionaires built their fortune through entrepreneurial endeavors, which is motivating young students and professionals to try and fast track their way to financial freedom through entrepreneurship. This study explored the factors behind an entrepreneur’s commitment and examine antecedents that cause career commitment among entrepreneurs. To do so, a survey was conducted that focused on five constructs that were analyzed in terms of Career Commitment, General Self-Efficacy, Career Satisfaction, Career Identity and Career Orientation. To examine these variables, a sample size of 4,508 alumni from a mid-sized university located in the northeast of the USA was used. Findings are presented and discussed.

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