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Amanda Borreli

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Bromberg, Noah

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Chu, Norah

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Cloutier, Benjamin

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Dempsey, Max

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Eisenhart, Anne

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Harrall, Lily

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Hutton, Hue

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Landers, Grady

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Emilio, Martin

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Graham, Reid

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Sylvie, Ryan

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Trudeau, Liam

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Vanech, Wyatt


Second-grade students at HBS read a variety of books to determine the central message/theme or moral of the story. They read countless books and discussed them with peers in-depth to truly understand the author's message. During the 2020-2021 school year, students used their creative writing skills to write a personal bedtime tale that had an important message just like the stories we read before. Enjoy the suspense as you read their bedtime tales!

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The Book of Bedtime Tales!