Orli Juarez

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Anyone who’s suffered from sleep deprivation has likely experienced some negative effects the next day. Tiredness, fatigue, and an inability to focus are just a few of them (Watson, 2021). These issues could make anyone’s day challenging, but for those who struggle with insomnia, they can be a regular occurrence. Thomas Roth (2007) at The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine defines insomnia as difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Roth adds that “approximately 30% of a variety of adult samples drawn from different countries report one or more of the symptoms of insomnia.” Eric Suni (2022) of the Sleep Foundation adds that this rate can vary among different groups, including the elderly, pregnant women, and teens. With different risk factors, treatments, and psychophysiological effects, insomnia is an issue that affects the world in more ways than one might think.