Fall 2015

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The 14th issue of the library newsletter (fall, 2015)

Inside this Issue:

-- Adams Library Celebrates 50 Years as a Federal Depository by Rachel Carpenter

-- Special Collections: The Cape Verdean Collection by Lenira Monteiro

-- Friends of the James P. Adams Library by Mark Caprio and Deb Thomson

-- Student-Sourcing Library Orientation: What Student Employees Know About Adams Library by Dragan Gill

-- Lisa Perry, Graduate Intern by Kieran Ayton

-- Dragan Gill, Reference Librarian: "Sure, I can do that!" by Deb Thomson

-- Library Newsflash: Access to the New York Times and New Computers

-- In Recognition: Tovah Reis, FMLA

-- In Memoriam: Thomas D. Lopes

-- Upcoming Exhibits and Events: Fall 2015