Fall 2013

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The 12th issue of the library newsletter (fall, 2013)

Inside This Issue:

Page 1

  • Director's Statement -- Hedi BenAicha, Library Director
  • Archiving AS220 -- by Brendan Ryan

Page 2, Our Staff

  • Sharon Giacobbi, Access Services Manager -- by Debra Thomson

Page 3, In Their Own Words...

  • Jessica Lombardi, Student Assistant in Digital Initiatives
  • Jessica Greenwald, Student Assistant in Acquisitions & Gifts

Page 4

  • Converting Content and Designing E-books -- by Brendan Ryan
  • The Evolution of the Encyclopedia -- by Carla Weiss

Page 5

  • What's Happening at Adams Library...
  • Celebrating Information Literacy Awareness Month -- by Rachel Carpenter

Page 6

  • Relevancy, Reinvention and Raising the Bar -- by Ellen Morais

Page 7

  • OBOM Pym Marathon Read -- by Judith Stokes and Rachel Carpenter

Page 8, From the Archives

  • Yearbooks, Dedication and History -- by Marlene Lopes

Page 10, Book Reviews

  • Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor: The Forging of American Independence, 1774-1776 by Richard R. Beekman; A review by Tony Carlino
  • Leadership: How to Become a Leader That People Will Follow by William Wyatt; A review by Dr. Paul H. Jacques

Page 11

  • Announcements