The primary mission of the Division of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is to cultivate the intellectual growth of our students, and we are committed to excellence in teaching. We ​offer 32 majors and 39 minors across the social sciences, sciences, mathematics, humanities and the arts to address the needs of a highly diverse student body. Our arts majors prepare for careers across a wide range of industries, from visual and performing arts to arts education, in positions as varied as arts administrator to screen and stage performer. Our humanities majors take a multidisciplinary approach to education, critically examining and evaluating cultures and traditions. Their future career opportunities include language, law, museum work, publishing, sales and writing. Social sciences majors are drawn to the way people behave and how institutions function. Their career opportunities include advertising, advocacy, chemical dependency counseling, criminal justice, government, journalism, media, politics and public relations. Mathematics and science majors integrate math and science into the everyday for application across virtually all industries as well as for-profit and nonprofit work.


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