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Social data analysis enables you, as a researcher, to organize the facts you collect during your research. Your data may have come from a questionnaire survey, a set of interviews, or observations. They may be data that have been made available to you from some organization, national or international agency or other researchers. Whatever their source, social data can be daunting to put together in a way that makes sense to you and others. This book is meant to help you in your initial attempts to analyze data. In doing so it will introduce you to ways that others have found useful in their attempts to organize data. You might think of it as like a recipe book, a resource that you can refer to as you prepare data for your own consumption and that of others. And, like a recipe book that teaches you to prepare simple dishes, you may find this one pretty exciting. Analyzing data in a revealing way is at least as rewarding, we’ve found, as it is to cook up a yummy cashew carrot pate or a steaming corn chowder. We’d like to share our pleasure with you.

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