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Previous research on HIV stigma and the use of spirituality by people living with HIV/AIDS is scarce. Moreover, the research with older Black men who have sex with men is scant. This study aimed to investigate experiences of HIV stigma and the use of spirituality among older HIV positive Black men who sleep with men. In-depth interviews were conducted with a sample of ten men. Data were analyzed utilizing to the modified van Kaam data analysis method. Three major themes were identified that explores the participants lived experiences with HIV stigma and use of spirituality: experiences of stigma reinforcing the use of spirituality; defining spirituality as a functional concept; and self-empowerment through the use of spirituality. The findings could guide social workers and other helping professionals in developing informed assessments and interventions regarding HIV stigma and the use of spirituality. Future qualitative and quantitative research is needed to achieve generalizable knowledge about the relationship between stigma on the use of spirituality.