Accidental and Intentional Influences of Family, Peers, and the Media

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Department of Elementary Education


In this paper, we examine the ways that early adolescents talked, interacted, and made references to events in their individual and collective lives during photography-based focus groups about sexuality and relationships. Twenty-three participants (10 boys and 13 girls) were recruited from three urban schools participating in a comprehensive sex education impact evaluation in the Northeast. We analyzed conversational narratives that were elicited in a group process while sharing photos of important people, contexts, and situations, showcasing participants' exploration of sexuality and relationships. Our analysis revealed four main themes: (a) Direct and indirect family communication about sexuality, (b) Accidental and intentional Internet usage, (c) Shared and contested peer knowledge, and (d) School as a direct and indirect learning context. Implications and future directions for practice, research, and policy are explored.