A Mural Design Unit for a Community Organization

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

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Faculty of Arts and Sciences




This purpose of this thesis is to investigate a unit of instruction for a mural project with a community organization.

The question I sought to answer through this research was: How can I design a unit of instruction in collaboration with a local organization that will potentially engage students in a community-based work of art while also promoting a sense of community among the students?

Though this thesis research, I learned to collaborate with an organization to create a hypothetical unit of instruction. Also, I wanted to discover how I can create a learning experience that is engaging and personally meaningful to students. The unit of study that I created is inquiry-based towards sparking the interest of students through open-ended questioning. I designed lessons that involved cooperative group work where students would work towards a common goal. This thesis will show that cooperative group work has the potential to develop a sense of community among students while meeting the needs of a community organization.