Promoting Personal Connections Through a High School Collaborative Mosaic Relief Installation

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Master of Arts (MA)

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How can students be more in touch with their artistic process through materials, decisions, social interactions, and environment when creating a work of art about identity for a collaborative mosaic relief installation?

This thesis explored an opportunity for my students to work together to create a collaborative art installation in our high school. This was important to do because the school had just been recently renovated and the new environment felt devoid of any art or personality that once reflected its former students. The important factors behind the installation design were to bring the visual dialogue of community into the new space and provide an opportunity for the current students to reflect their personal identities. The term “Mor-iIn-Touch,” which I developed in my research phase, can be described as an art-teaching philosophy. It is my belief that being or becoming more in touch or “Mor-in-Touch” will bring deeper meaning and personal connection to the artistic process.

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