Degree Name

Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ)

Document Type



Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Justice Studies Program

Date of Original Version

March 2023


This study examined police violence against Black women and other women of color. The intersectionality theory was used to discover how Black women are victims of police brutality. The research question is how Black women can resist police violence to show they are not invisible. Semi-structured interviews were used to examine Black women’s perspective of police violence against their population by interviewing women of color who are college students. The findings show women of color were likely unfamiliar with the term intersectionality and its impact on police violence against Black women. Furthermore, women of color are aware that police violence can happen to Black women and other women of color but have little specific knowledge of cases of Black women who have experienced police abuse. They also described their own experiences of police bias that have affected their lives. Study provides limitations as well as suggestions for future research.