Mikala Joly

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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

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Faculty of Arts and Sciences



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This thesis project is based on the belief that humor can be utilized as a creative stimulus within art education. The aim of this thesis project is to prove that humor can be used to promote creativity through an experimental study that tests for creativity before and after humor exposure. This thesis research also analyzes and reflects on a mix of art education literature pertaining to the correlation between creativity and humor. This investigation views humor as a tool used to enhance student creativity. The primary method of investigation for the thesis project is action research (May, 1993). This method of inquiry took the form of developing, administering, evaluating, and reflecting upon tests of student creativity before and after receiving a humor stimulus, in order to demonstrate how humor can be used to enhance creativity in the visual arts. The assembled data provides evidence in support of utilizing humor as a creative catalyst. The information available in this study can assist art educators in recognizing the value of using humor to stimulate student creativity through humor expression and humor appreciation.

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