Michelle Bull

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Project Paper


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Background: Children who live in low-income households are more likely to develop childhood obesity-related to low food security and lack of access to healthier foods (Lee & Lim, 2009; Sage, McCracken, & Sage, 2013). Health promotion efforts that focus on family interventions are successful in combating childhood obesity (Jang& Whittemore, 2015; Ordway, et al., 2018). The role of the nurse can be positioned to facilitate health promotion interventions in the community setting.

Purpose/Specific Aims: The purpose of this project was to evaluate a pilot intervention using a nurse as a resource in a local community working with families in a low-income setting by connecting them to resources to facilitate healthier habits.

Methods: The resource nurse implemented an evidence-based program focused on healthy habits and ensured that healthy produce was available to all participants enrolled. Throughout the program, the resource nurse followed the families weekly to monitor the program's progress and evaluate for resources needed for successful completion of the program. Food security rates were measured pre and post-program using the USDA food security questionnaire, measurement of nurse hours and rates of participation with the program was collected. In addition, qualitative feedback was collected on participant experiences by the resource nurse.

Results: Weekly participation rates in the program increased over the course of the program. Food security rates for families with baseline food insecurity increased significantly over the course of the program. Qualitative themes showed the role of the nurse being instrumental in providing connections, support, and education.

Conclusion: Results demonstrate statistical significance in improving food security rates for families that were identified as food insecure preprogram. Clinical significance is demonstrated in the qualitative data that highlight the role of the resource nurse in making a significant impact in the lives of the participants during the program.

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