Danielle Lund

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Document Type

Limited Access


Faculty of Arts and Sciences




In Writing Studies, one of the most debated topics is whether or not we can teach students to engage in writing transfer. In order to help students, we must engage them in learning about transfer as often as possible, especially in their first-year writing (FYW) courses, with teaching- for-transfer-specific pedagogies, like the widely known Teaching for Transfer (TFT) (Yancey et al. 2014). However, there are some elements that have yet to be fully developed in their research, like the role of collaborative learning. With this thesis, I argue for the integration of a new concept, Transfer Talk (TT) (Nowacek et al. 2019), into the TFT curriculum as the fourth element. Scholars who use TT strategies suggest that students should collaborate with their peers to consider their prior writing knowledge and build a shared understanding of what writing knowledge looks like. By integrating TT into the TFT curriculum as the fourth element, we will provide students with more opportunities to learn about transfer in the hopes that they will be more successful when transferring writing knowledge in future composing situations, both in and out of school.


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