Degree Name

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies

First Advisor

Darcy, Monica G.

Document Type

Field Project


Appendices C through E are located in the print version of this Field Project retained by the James P. Adams Library at Rhode Island College.


Feinstein School of Education and Human Development

Department (Manual Entry)

The Department of Counseling, Educational Leadership and School Psychology


Investigates the healing/ameliorating effect of one's spiritual beliefs and practices in moderating depression when faced with negative life experiences. Beck's Depression Inventory II, Piedmont's ASPIRES, and Sarason's Life Experiences Survey were the instruments administered to 51 adult patients at two pastoral counseling centers over a four month period. Findings indicate significant inverse correlations between spirituality and depression and a moderating effect of spirituality on depression when negative life experiences are included.

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Signed project approval page

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Appendix F: Human Subjects Review Approval