Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Document Type

Project Paper


School of Nursing




Through discussion with a larger audience of perinatal professional colleagues and dissemination of the project findings, the expected outcomes of this DNP project include an increased awareness within the perinatal community of a gap in postnatal support services for intended parents. Awareness of a gap in services will start the conversation among perinatal professionals regarding what services should be put into place to provide the appropriate supports. On a national level, expected outcomes include awareness of the need for postnatal services for intended parents. Oral presentation of the findings and dissemination through publication is planned. The dissemination will describe the gap in services and the plan for population specific postnatal support services, providing a platform for dialogue at the local and national level. Most importantly, the increase in awareness and design of appropriate services will help intended parents on their transition to parenthood and potentially decrease the risk of difficulties with the transition, including potential postnatal depression.