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Medical and psychological research has found a strong association between sexual satisfaction and overall well-being. However, few studies have addressed whether the relationship between women’s sexual satisfaction and overall well-being differs for women of different ages. This mixed-method study recruited 347 women aged 18 to 76 and found (1) a positive significant association between age, relationship satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction and overall well-being, and higher levels of sexual satisfaction are associated with higher levels of overall well-being. However, age was unrelated to sexual satisfaction and overall well-being, and; (2) while relationship satisfaction interacted with sexual satisfaction and overall well-being, there was no interaction effect of age. Results also indicated that relationship status was unrelated to women's sexual satisfaction. However, sexual satisfaction was positively associated with overall well-being. Semistructured interviews of eight women (ages 20-52) explored women’s attitudes and behaviors pertaining to sex, sexual satisfaction, and wellness. Findings from this study can inform future health psychology and health education efforts to promote the pursuit of sexual satisfaction as a set of healthy behaviors fundamental to overall well-being for women of all ages.