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Major Paper


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Many patients may present to Emergency Departments (ED) daily for a multitude of medical issues that may include chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, elevated troponin levels in the presence of CKD, abnormal serum BUN and creatinine levels, or an abnormal renal ultra sound. Troponin levels that are elevated within the presence of CKD with no other signs and symptoms is not concerning for ACS or MI, but for cardiovascular death and mortality. The purpose of this project was to develop, create and deliver an educational program designed to increase nursing knowledge of elevated troponin levels in the presence of Chronic Kidney Disease. A pre-&post-test design was developed and implemented to measure the nursing staff’s knowledge of elevated troponin levels in the presence of CKD. The educational program was designed as a pamphlet that provided information from the literature and relevant clinical experience about signs, symptoms and the diagnosis of CKD, signs & symptoms of Acute Coronary Syndrome, (ACS). Twenty-three nurses (25%) completed both the pretest with a mean score of 74.7% with total scores ranging from 40%-90%. Twenty-three nurses also (25%) also completed the post-test with a mean score of 76.5% with total scores that ranged from 50%-100% which helped to prove there was an overall increase in learning, therefore suggesting that nurses’ knowledge on the topic was improved. Recommendations and implications for APRNs are also discussed.

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