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Tuberculosis is identified as a major global health issue. Recommendations for increased training for health professionals from both the Institute of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have been outlined. Nursing curriculum tools developed by the National Tuberculosis Consortium and presented through online learning modules were utilized in an experimental study of baccalaureate nursing students. Knowles’ Theory of Adult Learning provided the theoretical framework for the study. The test scores on a thirty question multiple-choice exam of students who participated in the intervention are compared to those of students who only participated in the regular course content. Although the mean raw score on the exam was higher for the experimental than the control group, the small number of participants that completed the study prevented the results from being analyzed to determine if there was a statistically significant difference between the two groups. Limitations of the study included the small sample size, inexperience of the investigator in designing and conducting an experimental study, the amount of extra time involved for students in the intervention group, and the lack of ability to correlate demographic information to individual results. Implications for nurses prepared to practice at the master’s level include the need for further research to explore effective teaching methods for baccalaureate nursing students; involvement in policy development related to tuberculosis knowledge and screening, especially of health care workers; and a recommendation for a continued commitment to encourage nurse research on educating future nurses on complex heath care topics such as tuberculosis.

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