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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Major Paper


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Rhode Island Hospital (RIH) is currently striving to attain Magnet® status; specialty certification of registered nurse (RN) staff plays an important role in achieving that goal. Unit based nursing leadership and RN staff identified neuroscience certification as both important and desirable. One of the barriers identified by the staff RNs was the lack of a study support program to assist in preparation for the certification exam. A certified neuroscience registered nurse (CNRN) exam review program motivates and supports the RN staff to seek certification and successfully sit for the exam. The primary purpose of this program was to increase the number of CNRNs on the neuroscience units at RIH, with a secondary goal of CNRN staff participation throughout the initiative. The development of a formalized process allowed the program to be repeated biannually and helped to establish a unit culture where certification is the standard to which to aspire.