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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Obtaining daily weights is an integrated process in daily nursing practice and considered useful data in treatment options. Literature reviewed revealed evidence based knowledge that daily weights are routinely used in everyday practice. However this data obtained is not always reliable and the task is not performed based on a standardized practice. The purpose of this education program was to educate nursing staff regarding procedures to obtain accurate daily weights. The program development used a pre-survey, intervention and post-survey design. The educational program for nursing staff served as the intervention. The sample included nursing staff employed on 4 East, a 30-bed medical surgical unit at the Miriam Hospital. This unit has a cardiac and vascular focus and also 24 telemetry beds available. Results revealed that nursing staff was aware of the daily weight policy, CNAs were simply obtaining the daily weights as a delegated task, and that nursing staff were unsure as to what to do if the equipment malfunctioned. Basic nursing educational programs should further stress the importance of daily weights as well as the reasoning for ensuring accuracy. Recommendations would include education of nursing staff that is geared toward evidence-based approaches to obtain an accurate daily weight. Further research is needed to understand the barriers to obtaining accurate daily weights and the effects on patient outcomes

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