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Providence, Rhode Island, US



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My Goal as an artist is to develop my imagery through an aesthetic experience. My objective is to explore facets of being through the phenomena of visual language. Art is the vehicle to explore the nature of being and express it in a symbolic form. Using art as a language allows me to express ideas and themes in a visual idiom of form, texture, and color. I have come to regard my work as a manifestation of a conversation with lithe other self". The other self is what some might call the subconscious, or the spiritual, or the metaphysical. I approach making art in the same manner of someone engaged in automatic writing, channeling the imagery into a structure, or composition. Sculpture requires the use of forms and objects of aesthetic value, so I begin by making multiple objects or acquiring a multitude of found objects to use as a vocabulary. The object or form must be particular and have a strong presence or visceral element in its appearance, evocative of something familiar, or iconic. I do not always recognize or realize the meaning of work immediately. Often it is after some time has past or a conversation with a viewer, that the meaning becomes apparent. I view art making as a necessary part of being. Creating is a way to feel relevant. Art is a language, which I use it explore and encode meanings of subjects and topics I find difficult to express in written or verbal language. The ideas I express are of the rational and irrational, the emotional, the absurd, the obscene, and the spiritual. The use of art as language allows me to express ideas and themes in particular idiom, which cannot be said in any other language.

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16" x 6" x 5"

Waiting for Epiphany